The HairFixation Difference

At Euroscience USA, Inc., we are taking haircare products to a whole new level for you to have healthier hair with unprecedented “natural” shine with our Ultra-Light Weekly Super Serums for use in place of conditioner!

Micro-Emulsion Technology Leads the Way

Shine, Quench, Restore and Repair were formulated with proprietary micro-emulsion technology, which provides a cutting-edge delivery system for specially-selected ingredients from nature to actually penetrate and permeate the hair cuticles for amazing and healthy benefits while most products have delivery systems that are only able to coat the hair's surface, which in the long run causes damage.

Micro-Emulsion Technology Graphic1

Nanoparticles Cross the Finish Line

Our special applications with beneficial ingredients from nature were formulated with nanoparticles-molecules so much smaller than the molecules in other haircare products that they actually penetrate and permeate the hair cuticles for amazing results.

Nanoparticles Graphic2

Non-Silicone-Based Formulas Deliver

Each of our specialized, color-safe formulas free from sulfates, parabens and phthalates has a non-silicone-based carrying system, which enables ingredients from nature to be delivered into the hair cuticles for healthier hair with unprecedented "natural" shine and no oily after-feel while most products are silicone-based (aka oil/plastic-based), which coats the hair's surface while damaging it and provides only an "illusion" (aka reflection) of shine.

Non-Silicone-Based Formulas Graphic3

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